3 principles for safety design at Ailebebe

“Ailebebe” is a child car seat brand of Carmate, a company engaged in design and development of materials for vehicles for many years with comprehensive knowledge about vehicles.
Even if a child car seat is equipped with great functions, it cannot protect a baby if it is not installed properly in a vehicle.
Ailebebe develops products that can be installed easily and safely by anyone.
Our special staff produce well-fitting child car seats for infants at our own factories in Japan and China.

Collision- test facility

Exhaustive testing results in greater safety.

We have introduced the decelerating collision test machine* in order to develop safer products, which meet the world standards.
We perform severe and various tests in uncompromising conditions such as the collision test at 70 km/h.
This facility is licensed to perform certification testing for child car seats by the Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*The decelerating collision test machine imitates a real collision by making a vehicle impact a wall at 50 km/h. In contrast, the test vehicle accelerates quickly from 0 km/h in the accelerating collision test machine.

Analysis of the scene of collision

We have introduced equipment such as dummies for collision tests of children from new-born to 10 years old, high-speed cameras to document the collisions, etc.
We utilize them to analyze collisions so as to develop even safer products.