Products made in our factory

We produce child car seats at our factory in Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture, overlooked by Mt. Tsukuba. *
We follow the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the International Environment Management System ISO 14001.
We engage in comprehensive quality and environmental management.
* We produce our KURUTTO 4 series and SWING MOON series at our Yuki factory.


Production process

1. Reception of parts

Each morning we receive thousands of parts to build child car seats.
Specially designed parts are carefully packed, and we check each of them. All stitching is checked for remaining needles.

2. Partial assembly and parts management

Before assembling a child car seat, we need many kinds of partial assemblies.
As preparation for assembly, we check the total number of all parts completely, even small ones like screws to avoid mistakes.

3. Final assembly

Our experienced workers, who have been trained in partial assembly processes, engage in the final assembly.
They pay attention to details such as the tightening torque for each screw so that all child car seats will have the same quality of safety.

4. Sell-in

We do not deliver any child car seats that have not passed the final checks.
Each child car seat has own product number, and they are delivered to the shops not only in Japan but all over the world.