Material Story

High Qualified Materiales
High durability of materials

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide

This material is more durable than general material, Polypropylene. Especially it is frictional and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, it stretches and doesn’t tend to be hard even at low temperature.This part is important because it receives impact of collision. That’s why we adopt Nylon 6 that is durable to meet stricter than ECE crash testing.


High Tensile Strength Steel

This material has 1.3 times more durable than SPCC. It’s basically used for chassis and monocoque because it is light but durable.We use High Tensile because it has high durability but still light weight.

Shock absorbing material

Expanded Polystyrene

This material has high impact absorbing than general sponge material against strong impact. Non-combustibility is better than Expanded Polyethylene. It is used for bike helmet.EPS is adopted to increase impact absorbing function.If we use soft sponge material, it may not absorb impact well.

Material for smooth rotation

Expanded Polystyrene

This material has high self-lubrication compared to general plastic material. Furthermore, it has the best abrasion resistant among plastic materials. As for our previous model, it’s a little bit hard to rotate when a child ( 18kg ) is on. However, Polyacetal is introduced for smooth rotating to sliding part so that mom cam rotate with ease even child grows up.

Luxurious and tender touch

Heather Fabric *

This fashionable design is heather. 2 kinds of strings are woven to produce luxurious feel and tender touch.Inspired by sports goods or electronics. We previously got design idea from interior of vehicle, but we changed to focus on fashion.
* OEKO-TEX ® certificated fabric
* Polyester : 100%


What`s the OEKO-TEX® ?

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.

Mesh fabric for baby’s comfort

Smooth Mesh Fabric *

This fabric is made of thin string like microfiber ( 1.04 denier ). Smooth touch and soft feel we offer ( Our previous model is 2.5 denier ) . For previous model, we used general fabric. Lots of moms want smoother fabric for their babies. That’s why, we introduced new mesh fabric to give babies a pleasant car life.
* OEKO-TEX ® certificated fabric
* Polyester : 100%


Multifilament structure

One string consist of few thinner strings. The thinner it is, the more smoother and softer baby can feel.