The belted installation, which is commonly used with a child car seat, requires a motion of pulling the seatbelt with all user’s strength.
If the seatbelt is not pulled hard enough, the child car seat cannot be installed safely.
In contrast, KURUTTO 4s is easily installed by simply pressing the power assist button, even with the model for belted installation.


Power assist button

Even Mother, who does not have confidence in her physical strength, can install KURUTTO 4s easily by simply pressing the power assist button. *Be sure to press the power assist button at the end of installation.


Wide support leg

The wide double support legs make impact less concentrated in a collision.


Well-fitting design

For safe installation, the form of the seat is designed to fit on the seats of various vehicles.


Seatbelt locking device

The seatbelt locking device grips the seatbelt being tightened.