The ISOFIX installation of KURUTTO 4i is easy with only a few steps.
Even a beginner at installation can do it safely, thanks to safety mechanisms for reducing misuse.


Attachment by one lever

The ISOFIX installation can be done merely by holding the lever on the front.


ISOFIX mechanism with double locks

The ISOFIX connector will not be latched if either lock left or right of the ISOFIX connector is not locked on the vehicle. The indicator shows the status of the lock.


Wide support leg

The wide double support legs make impact less concentrated in a collision.


ISOFIX with the indicator

The indicator shows whether the ISO FIX connector is latched on the SOFIX lower anchorage or not.


Well-fitting design

For safe installation, the form of the seat is designed to fit on the seats of various vehicles.


Child safety lock

The child car seat cannot be removed if the child safety lock is not released, so as to prevent operation by children.

What is ISOFIX?


ISOFIX is one of the international-standard methodologies for installing a child car seat in a vehicle.
One of the standards ISOFIX lower anchorage is used to install the child car seat in this method instead of the seatbelt (which has usually been used).